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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 @ 9:51 pm
Why Can't We Be Friends?

Dear Blogger,

I still haven't started on my group assignment, although I've added it to my to-do list yesterday, and it was supposed to be done yesterday. Now I have one annoying overdue task in my list. It's haunting my mind till I get it done. But the problem with life is that there is always something more urgent to do than what you have planned for!

Xenophobia is rampant in Singapore. Most people would deny it blatantly upfront, but really, they participate in one form of xenophobic activity one way or another. The recent case being the NDP poster girl who's not Singaporean and was granted tickets to the NDP.

Personally, I feel that since it's a jubilee celebration, Singaporeans should have first access to the coveted NDP tickets. I've never watched NDP live before, and I was born and bred here. Rationally, it doesn't matter who gets the tickets. Perhaps that girl came with her Singaporean friend.

I think the problem with born and bred Singaporeans is that they demand a sense of disproportionate entitlement. We are the generation that are living off the fruits of past generations' labour. We have no first-hand experience of hardship, and no, not having access to wifi isn't hardship, and we are certainly not grateful for what we have.

I don't know what reasons immigrants chose to be Singaporeans, but I'm sure our reasons would be the same if we were on the same boat too. We may think the grass is greener on the other side, and people from the other side would think the same about our grass too.

So, instead of wasting our energy on creating bile with the influx of foreigners, divert that energy into something more positively productive, like making friends. We were once immigrants too, remember?


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