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Tuesday, August 11, 2015 @ 10:34 pm
Warped Speed Ahead!

Dear Blogger,

It's August! Gosh! Time is flying on supersonic speed doesn't it? Ever since Ramadan, my life has been crazy! I've been working on warped speed!

So... The big SG50 National Day celebrations have just ended. It was quite a jubilee celebration I must say, although, I think most Singaporeans were (and still are) griping over the super long queues, massive human and traffic jams, and the fickle weather.

We were quite spoiled with the four-day weekend that the Singapore government had gladly bestowed upon us. Despite the fact that we spent three days at home, I still didn't want the break to end so soon.

I've re-attempted making lists (again!). I only allowed myself to set up to three to-dos each day. Today, I've only managed to ticked off two of my to-dos. I just need more practice that's all.

I've also re-attempted daily reflections. Hence, this post. It's supposed to be one of the things successful people do before they go to bed. The other thing is reading. I didn't manage to finish reading a book last month, but I do have a two-book advantage. I told you my life was crazy.

Backlog is piling up at work. Now that the school semester has started, you can bet that the backlog is not going to reduce anytime soon. As I'm writing this, I should be doing my assignment. Instead, oh well... You know how it is.


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