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Friday, August 14, 2015 @ 11:39 pm
Friday Night Lights

Dear Blogger,

I've finally finished my portion of the group assignment, which I have been putting off for a couple of weeks. Just finished it. Way past my bedtime, but I still have a few more minutes to post a reflection before a new day arrives.

Browsed Facebook and saw a reunion event at my secondary school. I knew there was some kind of reunion being planned, but didn't realise that it was actually tonight. Not that I could go anyway, what with the overdue group assignment. Still, it did hurt a little that none of my schoolmates reminded me about it.

Sometimes when I look at pictures of schoolmates still hanging out and being close makes me a little green with envy. I've accepted the fact that I'm not the type to have many friends, let alone close friends. But it would be nice to have a buddy to share laughter and tears. It can be very lonely being strong all the time.

I'd better get some sleep. I have a long day tomorrow. Lecture in the morning (yes, lecture on a Saturday yikes!) and work in the evening. After a super long weekend last week, looks like I'll be having a super short weekend this time round.


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