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Monday, April 27, 2015 @ 9:39 pm
Hello Are You There?

Dear Blogger,

Don't you just hate it when someone doesn't answer his phone when he knows he's expected? Seriously, I really wonder why spend so much on a high-end phone when you can't or don't even want to answer calls.

I do wonder if technology really makes us closer or further. With all the advances, you would think that communication would be easier. But it really isn't is it? People have lost the art of communication. People don't even know how to respond to "hi!"

I have the latest iPhone 6 but with a 3G connection. I text more than I voice call. Sometimes I question if I'm carrying a phone or a keyboard. I really miss my old Nokia. The most advanced thing it could do was become a modem for my Palm PDA (Personal Diary Assistant not Public Displays of Affection). Do you remember those?

Hmm... But even then, I didn't really talk on the phone. There wasn't anyone who wanted to call me actually. My social life was really pathetic when I think about it. It's pathetic now too. Anyway, I think I was better off with a pager. At least I could send cryptic digits to my own pager when I'm bored. 07734... Hands up if you know this one!

Gosh I need fresh air!


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