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Monday, April 20, 2015 @ 11:38 pm
Broken Homes

Dear Blogger,

It took me longer to finish the fourth novel in the Rivers of London series. What can I say? I had lots of distractions. Namely those coming from game apps like Cookie Jam. I'll tell you about it in another time. Anyway, back to the book! I'm still meeting my target aren't i? Actually, I've read mor e than the target one book a month!

Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch is the fourth book in the series, but the last book I've read in the series. I started with the fifth book, Foxglove Dummer, remember? As usual, the scene is London. Elephant and Castle to be precise. Such an odd name for a town isn't it? I've heard about Elephant and Castle but didn't realise it was actually a name for a town in South London. Actually... That's not the actual name of the district. You can look it up in Google.

In this book, there wasn't much river goddess action. Peter Grant was still on the hunt for the Faceless Man, and he found him of course, towards the end. Did Grant catch the Faceless Man? I can't tell you. That would be cheating.

Much of the story was spent on going undercover in a Skygarden Tower, a fictional architectural eyesore in the middle of Elephant and Castle. I might be wrong with the details because when Aaronovitch wrote this series, he assumed that his readers would be familiar with the streets of London.

Seriously, even when I've read to the end, I still don't know what Aaronovitch was writing half of the time. Either I've lost interest or there were too many architectural references. I'm not saying the book is a bore though. It will be good company during waiting times.

I think the interesting thing about this book is when Leslie crossed over to the dark side. But, there wasn't much to it. I guess I've to wait for Aaronovitch to finish writing the sixth book to find out what happens to Leslie. That's the thing with book series isn't it? Wait too long, and you'll lose interest.


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