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Thursday, March 26, 2015 @ 11:35 pm
Whispers Underground

Dear Blogger,

Woohoo! Finished reading the 3rd book of the Rivers of London series! More importantly, I'm way ahead of my one book a month goal! Thanks to Ben Aaronovitch.

Whispers Underground brings apprentice wizard and Metropolitan Police Service Constable Peter Grant to the Underground, literally. I'm talking about London's infamous underground train system, which is unoriginally but brilliantly called the Underground. Why doesn't our MRT have a similarly cool sounding name? Guess we're known for practicality than ingenuity.

When I read the blurb (that's the summary at the back of the book for you non-bibliophile), I was quite excited. There was murder. There was mystery. There was magic. So why was I disappointed after the last page?

Firstly, this may be a spoiler, there wasn't any mythical creatures introduced. There were "Quiet People" but they were basically harmless. Not like a vampire or an evil spirit. Secondly, the murder plot is straight up crime fiction. It was X-Files without the X.

After salivating my interest in Moon Over Soho, this follow-up was a tad bland. The Folly gang was still hunting for the Faceless Man and other non-licensed wizards, but the magic was kept to a minimum. I wiki "quiet people" and the closest result was "mole people", which were very much human. Not very exciting is it?

I hope the next book, Broken Homes, fares better. The thing with series is that each book can't be equally good and I understand that. Even I can't remember the middle books of the Harry Porter series! If you like tunnels, murder and mystery, Whispers Underground is still a good book to read while waiting in a queue.


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