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Sunday, March 15, 2015 @ 7:43 pm
Moon Over Soho

Dear Blogger,

I'm on 1-week break from evening classes and assignments. Phew! Really needed the breather. Term 2 of second year second semester is just a few days away and I still haven't gotten down to revising the damn management accounting!

In between classes, assignments and mommy duties, I managed to read "Moon Over Soho" by Ben Aaronovitch. I productively used whatever idle time I had to read some pages; in the toilet, waiting for dinner to be served, having caramel macchiato at Starbucks... but mostly in the toilet.

Moon Over Soho is the sequel to Rivers of London aka Midnight Riot (US version). The sequel started where the last went off, with Constable Grant visiting his colleague, Leslie, in her hometown. She's on medically leave, what with her face gruesomely disfigured from the last novel.

In the sequel, Grant was investigating 2 seemingly unrelated murder cases, which like most other murder mysteries, turned out to be related after all. All that while doing the hot and heavy with what turned out to be a "Jazz" vampire. We all learn something new everyday.

This novel was easier to read than the first, most probably because I was familiar with the antagonist. Rivers of London also introduced a femme fatale who cut off men's penis with her vagina. I was curious about that and the sequel thankfully elaborated on that.

I looked up Wikipedia and there was such a term as vagina dentata (Latin for toothed vagina)! It was mentioned several times in the book. It's rare but it's real! And you thought fiction is weird.

We also learnt more about Nightingale; how old he was, where he learnt wizardry and why he was the only official wizard in England. I hope if there'll be a movie version, Colin Firth plays Nightingale. Nobody does dapper like Colin Firth.

Overall, another page turner. Moving on to Whispers Underground!

US cover

UK cover


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