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Monday, February 02, 2015 @ 11:35 pm
What Do You Mean That Sale Is Not An Offer???

Who knew that Contract and Agency Law could be an interesting subject to learn? When I applied for this module as my elective, I took it because it was non-examinable. I only had to submit an end-of-course assignment paper.

When I saw the textbook, I thought I had made a mistake. That textbook is a sleep-inducer! I only managed to browse through it yesterday because I had an online quiz to do. That quiz was worth a third of 20% of my overall grade ok!

Did you know that a retailer can deny you from buying that much-coveted item even though it's displayed in the store with a price tag AND a SALE sign attached? And you can't sue the retailer for obstruction of sale or deception or against consumer rights or whatever? The retailer could even tell you that it's the wrong price and you can't do anything about it legally even!

I seriously didn't know that. I always thought that if the price tag says x dollars, then the retailer has the obligation to fulfil that promise. Otherwise, it's false advertising isn't it?

Apparently, goods on display isn't an offer but an "invitation to treat". That means the sale item is only an invitation to an offer. Therefore, there's no obligation to proceed with any transaction. On the other hand, an offer has to be firm and clear. It has to have the intention to a "legal relation" by both parties i.e. the buyer and seller.

Hmmm... How not firm and unclear is a product on sale with a price tag??? When you put those information up, don't you have the intention to sell it already??? Maybe if the laws were made by women, this wouldn't be an issue. An offer is an offer. Full stop.

It's still interesting isn't it?


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