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Saturday, January 31, 2015 @ 11:25 pm
The Importance of Date Nights

Dear Blogger,

Never underestimate the power of date nights. This is coming from a mother of 4 young children, who works and studies too. Also, a wife of an often-travelling husband.

Date nights are more than just going out with your spouse/partner. It's a ritual that involves dating rules such as dress codes, social etiquette and conversation dos and don'ts.

Normally, when we go out with the children, my dress code is a fine balance between looking good and comfort. Stilettos are usually no-no with kids. They're just too painful and impractical running after the children. I've seen some mothers do that, and I would seriously like to learn from them.

On date nights, high heels are a must! Unless the date venue is a place that involves sand, skates or some sporty activity. I wouldn't go all out into evening glamour, but it's usually more than what I'd dressed on normal days.

The thing with date nights is that you're supposed to take it as if you're going on a date with someone special. Going to the supermarket with your spouse/partner isn't a date. Not the kind of date that I meant anyway.

It's supposed to ignite that feeling of excitement and "happy anxiety" as if you're going on a first date with that guy or girl you've had a crush on. Remember that time long ago when you'd spend hours trying to get the outfit and make-up right before you go on a date? That's what date nights are supposed to be!

In the beginning, it was pretty much a one-way thing. I'd be the one spending a lot of time dressing up while the mister simply put on jeans and tees and worse of all, sandals. After constant "encouragement" to get him to take date nights more seriously, he took more effort in his presentation. Now he styles his hair and wears shirts or at least, polo tees. He puts on shoes too!

How do date nights help in marriages?

  1. They're an excuse to buy that gorgeous dress or vamp it up with that MAC cosmetics.
  2. It's a bonus to spend a few hours with your spouse/partner without children.

  3. Dining is a more peaceful affair.

  4. You can forget being a mom (or dad) for that few hours.

  5. You can engage in some PDA without having to explain to your children what you're doing

  6. You can talk about your wild past, again, without having to explain to your children.

  7. It makes you feel young!

All these translates to keeping the flame of passion alive. Oh so imperative in a marriage as it ages over the years.

How to get started?

  • Pick a convenient day of the week for a date night. The usual would be Friday nights.

  • Choose an activity e.g. Dinner, movie, dancing... Or it could be a surprise!

  • Look forward to the date night by reminding each other with loving (or naughty) text messages.

  • Go out and have fun! Try not to criticise.

  • Be committed and make it a weekly routine. (It'll become a habit after 4 weeks.)


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