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Monday, February 23, 2015 @ 10:24 pm
Midnight Riot aka Rivers of London

Dear Blogger,

I just finished another book. Yes! 2 books in a month! It's another book by Ben Aaronovitch. This time, it's the first in the Rivers of London series, of course it's "Rivers of London". That's the UK title and the one with the better cover. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the UK version, so I had to be content with the U.S. version, renamed "Midnight Riot". I don't understand why it had to be renamed. Was it a copyright thing?

Anyway, this book introduced us to Peter Grant, Met constable and unlikely wizard apprentice. The story revolved around Covent Garden in which grisly murders had been happening to random people at random times.

This book also introduced us to Nightingale, whom I wasn't quite sure who he was when I read "Foxglove Summer". That's why it's important to read a series in order. Also, there was Leslie May, fellow constable whom Grant had a crush on. Unfortunately, something nasty happened to May in this book. Somehow that led to her being a renegade in "Foxglove Summer".

I'm seriously beginning to enjoy reading this series. I actually managed to finish this book in about 4 days! That's quite something. One thing I struggled with this book is its heavy reference on British culture and history, namely Punch and Judy. I knew it as a famous puppet show but I don't know it's history. I actually Wikipedia Punch and Judy after reading this book.

Nevertheless, it was an entertaining read. Much like the Harry Porter series, but for adults. Not surprisingly, the author had actually written some stories for Dr Who, another British institution.

US version

Much better looking UK cover


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