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Wednesday, January 07, 2015 @ 11:12 pm
A Piece of Halal Hong Kong... in Singapore

Dear Blogger,

Today, after work, hubby and I went to One KM, the new mall in Paya Lebar, for lunch. Initially, hubby wanted to go to Geylang Serai, but I wanted to check out the new mall. One KM is now where Lion City Hotel used to be. It's right across the road from City Plaza and Tanjong Katong Complex. Can't miss it because it looks super new as compared to the other old buildings in the vicinity.

I've heard it to be quite the place for halal dining. The mall has PappaRich, Fika Swedish Café and Bistro, Heavenly Wang, Butter Studio and Streats Hong Kong Café. The last of which was where we had lunch because I've been craving for dim sum for quite awhile.

Normally, if I wanted Dim Sum, I would go to Tang Tea House at Simpang Bedok. Since it was raining this afternoon, parking within the dining destination was essential. So off we went to Streats Hong Kong Café at One KM.

We arrived way after lunch time, so the restaurant wasn't packed with diners. The peace and quiet were just nice for us. The restaurant's decor was different from other Streats' restaurants. It was modern but pleasant. I like the simple touches of the knick knacks on the open shelves in the middle of the restaurant. The window seats overlook the streets where City Plaza was. Nice to spy on people at the busy cross-junction. LoL!

Since I was starving, I ordered the hotpot seafood set with "Ma La" soup. It's a spicy soup braised with dried chillies. The spicy soup was really comforting in the cool rainy weather. The set came with either rice or noodle. The noodle being Nissin noodle. I chose the noodle because I thought I had to eat rice for dinner.

The hotpot was not too bad. I said I was starving. I finished off the plate of large prawns, mussel, fish slices, straw mushrooms, lettuce and egg tofu but I wasn't able to slurp all the soup. I wish it had more seafood than vegetables, but at about $15 per set, I guess I shouldn't expect a seafood spread.

I wanted to eat dim sum didn't I? So I ordered the pan-fried chicken dumpling and salted egg custard bun (can't remember the exact name on the menu). The salted egg custard bun was really yummy, but I thought the same bun at Tang Tea House was tastier. The dim sum menu here was also not as extensive as at Tang Tea House. I don't know of any other restaurants that serve halal dim sum. If you know, do let me know.

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