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Monday, January 20, 2014 @ 10:41 pm
Maid Issues

Dear Blogger,

I have maid issues like everybody else, although most people would say my issues aren't really issues at all. Unlike most maids in Singapore, I think my maid has it pretty easy. She does the same household chores and takes care of the kids. The only thing that she has over the rest is plenty of rest time and freedom.

When I read about maid issues in the newspapers, I usually put myself in maid's situation. As an employee myself, I'd get frustrated if my employer treats me bad. So I always tell myself to treat my maid with respect, just like any employer-employee relationship should. Besides, when you treat people with respect, your children will treat people with respect.

My maid has been with us for more than three years. This is her fourth year, and I believe her last. She wants to go home and get married. That's fine. For the first two years, she was learning the ways of a Singaporean family and also understanding my needs and expectations of maintaining the general order of the house.

As you all know, I am a neat freak. I like things organised and clean. She's ok with general cleaning but if I were to grade her, it's just average. She's not organised with storing things and that bugs me. I've showed her many times how and where to keep things, but after awhile, it becomes a mess. What's worse is that when I ask her about a certain object, she'd say she forgot where it was kept. You know how much I hate that.

In her second term, she's already familiar with Singapore living. She's become too comfortable with the way of life here. She's become complacent. Cleaning was done on the surface only. There'd be dust on the picture frames but she'd just ignore it because it wasn't in her task schedule. I had to tell her to dust it off and then she'd do it. I mean, after two years, does she still need me to tell her to wipe dust off when she knows perfectly well that cleanliness is high is my priority list?

She has another bad habit of not telling me when things go wrong. Like when the spinning mop bucket broke or when certain clothing got colour stained or when she broke some glassware. I had to find out myself and ask her about it! She'd just say she forgot to tell me. I'd remind her but she'd just forget my reminders.

Sometimes when we go out, she'd have this sulky face which annoyed the hell out of me. I hate it when people sulk and expect me to read his/her mind. Tell me what's the problem and the issue won't go out of hand!

This is not to say she's a bad employee. She does her work, generally. She's great with the children although sometimes, I question her actions. I think overall, the problem is that she has communication issues. Yes, I'm fierce but if you don't talk to me, it'll get worse. People get frustrated due to lack of information. Just tell me and we'll work it out. Simple right?

Maybe that's why companies request for new tenders every few years. I think in business, long-term relationship is too tricky and challenging to be practical. As long as every party knows it's just business, then there won't be any hard feelings. I'm ready to release her when her contract is up. I think our relationship has run its due course. I just hope the change won't affect the children too much.


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