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Saturday, January 11, 2014 @ 12:29 am
Mad About MAAD

Dear Blogger,

A few hours ago, I attended my first MAAD flea market at Red Dot Design Museum. I've heard of MAAD which stands for Market of Artists and Designers, for a couple of years already but I've never made my way down to town till now.

It's a monthly event at the creative Red Dot Museum, which is the hard-to-miss red building formerly Traffic Police HQ at Maxwell Road. Maxwell Road is at the Tanjong Pagar which coincidentally happens to be the creative hub of artists and designers in Singapore.

Just like any other flea market, the stalls mostly if not all, only accept cash. So my purse was somewhat prepared with possible purchases, and purchased I did! What makes a flea market, a flea market is the quirky products one can find there. One person eyes may see garbage, while the next person may see treasure. I saw treasure must-haves mostly. My husband had to literally dragged me away from anymore buying.

The in thing these days seems to be owls. I saw owls in plushies, t-shirts, purses etc. I bought an owl wrist-rest which I doubt I needed but was something I must own. Only God can understand the logic.

The other in thing was self-bound notebooks. Ever since Palm pilot made its way into my life, I hardly write. My penmanship has suffered a bit and that made me stay away from writing even more. I've always looked in romantic adoration at people who write about anything in their notebooks. More so when they draw sketches.

Looking at the one-of-a-kind notebooks, I couldn't help but buy two. While doing so, I reminded myself to start writing again, on paper that is. Then, a flash bulb appeared above my head. I could use these notebooks to paste Polaroids! My husband bought me a a vintage Polaroid camera which I've yet to open from it wrapping paper. Because sshhh... It's a birthday present. I will only open it on the 28th.

Overall,  I enjoyed my experience at MAAD flea market. Not to mention the damage I've made to my purse. Will I go monthly? Don't think so. Will I go again? Most definitely! Maybe once every quarter.


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