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Friday, January 03, 2014 @ 10:48 pm
Goodbye MediaCorp

Dear Blogger,

2014 is here. Some people are still adjusting to the new year. I have to consciously remind myself to write the year as 2014, not 2013. But if the change in year number doesn't affect you, then it'd be just like any other day.

The national New Year's Eve (NYE) countdown show was supposed to be a celebration of television here for the past 50 years. You wouldn't have know it was the national broadcast for NYE when you watched it. In fact, it looked like a Chinese New Year variety show.

It's no secret that China-lisation has been creeping into the country's consciousness for several years already. We've had criticisms, discussions and protests over the preferential treatment of Chinese people and the Chinese language. But coming from a public broadcaster, who's supposed to represent Singapore as a nation, that's really too much.

I attended a graduation last year in a locally respectable institution. The hosts and the speakers spoke in English and repeated what they said in Mandarin. After a very long speech in English, the speaker blew her top when audible boos and sighs were heard when she was about to repeat her speech in Mandarin. She said to show "respect" because there were "Chinese-speaking audiences".

I thought that wasn't respectful at all. If it was just about respect, shouldn't the organisers be respectful of Malay- and Tamil-speaking audiences too? The National Day rally was a prime example of a national televised event that was broadcasted in the four main languages of Singapore. So why limit to just English and Mandarin? I don't think the excuse that Chinese race make up the majority in Singapore is valid anymore.

If Singapore isn't careful, we'd see ourselves repeating the same mistake America made a few centuries ago. We shouldn't segregate ourselves so much that we allowed race to become the blade that kills our hard-earned peace and tolerance. The racial riots in the 50s should stay in our history books and never see the light of day again.

I was sorely disappointed with MediaCorp for that intentional or unintentional oversight. The national broadcaster had lost my respect a long time ago and now, it's not even worthy of being called the national broadcaster. I think ever since it privatised, the needs of the public has taken a very back backseat to profit-making.

I won't miss the shows in MediaCorp anyway. I have cable channels. My absence will probably not make much of a dent in its popularity ratings, but I'd feel better than wasting my time watching lame shows from a racist TV station.


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