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Tuesday, December 24, 2013 @ 7:41 pm
I Heart My IPhone

Dear Blogger,

It has been a hectic few days. Not just because it's Christmas week and the malls were jam-packed with last minute shoppers and eager deal opportunists, it's the week when a dubious app wrecked havoc on my iPhone and I have back-to-back weddings to attend.

You know how freaked out I get when any of my devices break down. I'll walk to the ends of earth just to get it fixed! So when my iPhone went bonkers, I had to send it, of all places, to Paragon. Why? Because the phone was still contracted to the telco. Christmas crowd not withstanding, I went to Paragon as early as the mall would allow me.

After all the waiting for parking, I was given a new set without so much of an analysis done on the bonkers set. I had a new iPhone. That's all that matters. I was eager to go home and sync my iPhone back to its former glory.

Happy ending? Not yet. Guess what? The new phone went bonkers after syncing! The thing about phones with touchscreen is that they're worthless when the screen doesn't work. They're as good as an overpriced rubbish. With much dread, I had to return to Paragon before the service centre closed. This time, I had to bring the whole army.

To make my story short, I was given another new set. I deleted suspicious apps in my iTunes before I sync. It worked and I'm happy as a bee. Some people have been telling me to dump my iPhone and move on to Android but I'm a loyalist. Foolish? Maybe. As long as Apple doesn't screw up so much as to mess my life, I'm ok with my Apple devices.


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