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Friday, December 20, 2013 @ 7:20 pm
Bedok Finally Has A Mall!

Dear Blogger,

Today, I brought the children to the library at Bedok, in an excuse to check out the new Bedok Mall too. Not that I don't like to go libraries. I DO love libraries. I've not been to libraries in other countries, but I think our public libraries are one of the best! It's collection is constantly improving and I'm so glad to see it invest more on multimedia these days.

My children love to borrow the children's DVDs to watch at home. My son is crazy about Bob the Builder while my eldest daughter fancies Angelina Ballerina. My younger daughter just enjoys taking the DVDs out of their cases and play hide and seek with them.

Back to the mall! I parked my car at the mall. I thought since the mall's by CapitaMall, parking should be reasonable. From 10.30am to 2.30pm thereabouts, parking cost me $6.50. Expensive? I thought so. It didn't cost this much at Tampines Mall. The parking was spacious though with sensors which I like in new carparks. I think it has about 3 levels of parking. There were several entrances to the mall from the carpark, which is really good for families with young children like mine. We don't have to walk far to escape incoming cars. As you can see, carpark quality and quantity is important to me.

Inside the mall, at first glance, it looks just like any other mall. It has the usual mix of tenants which you can find in most malls in Singapore. I was looking for something unique, a new boutique or a special service provided by the mall, but nope. Didn't find any. Then I realised that the unique thing about this mall is that the shops start at Level 1 and then goes down to Basement 3! It's an underground mall! But why doesn't it link up with the adjacent MRT station?

Dining wise, I think for Muslims, they have better luck and tastes at the nearby food centres. The mall only offers Swensens, Pizza Hut and KFC for Muslims, the last doesn't even count as a restaurant. There are some new and interesting restaurants for the non-Muslims though that I don't see in other malls.

The mall only excited me for awhile because it's a new mall. I probably won't visit it as regularly as I visit the malls in my neighbourhood. I'm glad though that the Bedokians finally have a mall to call their own. For almost all my life, people living in Bedok go to Tampines for their shopping (and cinema) fix. Sorry I don't have any photos. Too busy window-shopping and minding the children.



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