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Sunday, March 03, 2013 @ 10:38 pm
Mom's Dinner Treat

Dear Blogger,

Today, my mom made a rare gesture of treating us to dinner. She called me in the morning asking to meet  at Downtown East because she wanted to treat us to sushi. When I pressed for more details, she said she wanted to eat sushi but my sister didn't want to accompany her. So, she asked us instead. When I asked if she received a windfall, she said the government gave her a bonus.

Apparently, that government bonus happened to be the Workfare Scheme for low-wage earners. It's a cash gift to assist such employees so they could pay for daily necessities or training courses. For people like my mom, they use the incentive to splurge. Then again, I would prefer her to splurge on her family than she wasting her money on some get-rich-quick scheme that ladies like her tend to gullibly fall for.

After weighing our dining options, we decided that Sakura International Buffet was the best for its affordable charges and decent menu selection. Dining at a Japanese restaurant might cost my mom more and the menu is limited.

At final count, my sister and brother, together with his girlfriend, decided to join the paid-for dinner. Don't know what made them change their mind, but I can't remember the last time my family sat down for any meal together. It's a pity that two of m brothers can't join us. One was working, the other was nursing a broken leg at home.

Tonight's menu was alright. The crowded restaurant wasn't. When we sat down at our table at about 6.15pm, the restaurant was almost full. When I went to the buffet station, most of the popular dishes were gone, leaving behind empty trays. I was aghast! Diners ahead of me just grabbed anything they saw. It was like we've been attacked by coyotes!

Nevertheless, I managed to try almost everything in the menu. I'm feeling quite bloated and sleepy now. I think those days that I've managed to drag my feet out for a walk his week were wasted. Did plan to walk a few rounds of the neighbourhood, but I'm getting too sleepy. I'm partially nodding off as I'm typing this. I'll try to do it first thing in the morning.


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