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Tuesday, March 05, 2013 @ 7:30 pm
Hormonal Headaches

Dear Blogger,

It'll be an early night for me today. I can feel a throbbing headache coming. I hate this! It's becoming so regular that I'm surprised my only salvation is a double dose of Panadol. With all of medical's breakthrough and advancement, they can't find a cure for this monthly headaches, which not surprisingly, affects many women.

When I googled about this headache, some sufferers called it "hormonal headaches". There really isn't a medical term for it but it describes a headache that was caused by a dip in some hormones due to menstruation. So, it can happen before, during or after a woman's period.

I never used to get this headaches. It was only after the birth of my third child that I started noticing these headaches. None of the doctors I went to could tell me why and how I could prevent it. Not even my gynaecologist! She didn't even know what it was!

Strangely enough, I would rather get cramps than headaches. With cramps, I've more concrete evidence to show that I'm sick and people understood. With headaches, it's a little more challenging. It's harder to tell people that I've a headache and it's caused by period. Men don't get it.

Also, with cramps, I just have to drink milk (chocolate milk is the best!) and then sleep the cramps off. With a headache, I've to swallow a pain killer like Panadol or Aspirin and I don't like that. I like stuffing so much drugs down my throat. I know of people who pops Panadol like candy.

So tonight, my work is postponed again. I don't know when I'm going to find the time to squeeze my outstanding paperwork. It's the curse of being a woman. I've always believed that God made us have menses for deceiving Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) to eat the forbidden fruit.


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