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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 1:46 pm

Dear Blogger,

Been feeling uninspired for the last 2 weeks. Low energy. Didn't want to do anything much. Didn't want to work. I thought it was ironic because I've been brisk walking every morning for almost a month now. I thought exercise makes you happy and energised.

I'm not inspired to even write anything now, but I thought I share this with you. A while ago, I googled "what to do when uninspired". I read on someone's blog that there's 2 types of "uninspired". One is plain laziness. The other is emptiness. An example of emptiness is writer's block. No point pushing through the blocks when you're feeling empty. There's nothing to push. One just needs to do something else to feel refreshed.

I'm not sure which type of "uninspired" I am facing right now. Maybe it's the second. I really, really, really feel like walking away from it all. I know it's really not possible. How can I just leave my job when I'm still bonded till the end of the year? How can I leave my marriage when I've 3 young children who still need their mommy?


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