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Monday, February 11, 2013 @ 9:30 pm
Which Animal Year Is It Now?

Dear Blogger,

It's the new Chinese year already? Wasn't it just the dragon year? I remembered everyone making such a big hoo hah over the dragon year, about how it was auspicious etc. Remembered the gynaecology clinic crowded with expecting mommies-to-be.

Anyway, which animal is it now? Snake? Is Snake good? Haven't read much into it. Maybe there isn't much to read about. So far, my 2013 hasn't turned out rosy. Just recovered from flu. How awful is it to be sick over a long weekend holiday? It's really very depressing. Couldn't do much except sleep. You know how easy cold medicine will knock me out.

Feel bad for the children. They couldn't go out because mommy was sick. So they have been very restless of late. The temperamental weather of late wasn't helping either. One minute it was hot and sunny, the next minute it was raining in vengeance. No wonder people are falling sick.

A few days ago (or was it yesterday?), I read that 20% more Singaporeans are going overseas during Chinese New Year. I'm not surprised. Almost everybody I know are not on this island. I don't know if I should envy them or despise them. I know deep down, there'll be some rewards for my misfortune some day. Maybe God wants me home with my family. Ohhhh my family... I am just lost for words when it comes to my family.


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