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Sunday, July 15, 2012 @ 11:23 pm

Dear Blogger,

I find myself more and more into vegan baking lately, but not because I'm ditching meats and dairy goodbye. Yes, vegan baking seems to be healthier. Most do not include butter or eggs in their recipe. It means I can have cakes regularly without the calories or cholesterol guilt.

However, I'm leaning towards vegan baking precisely because of its no butter and no eggs recipes! I find baking with butter is a chore because of the measurement maths I have to do. Most regular recipes call for sticks of butter, cups or grams. Firstly, few supermarkets in Singapore stock butters in sticks and they can cost more than other packaged butter. Secondly, measuring butter in cups may not be accurate. Finally, metric-based recipes require me to bring out my temperamental kitchen scale.

Recipes with eggs, especially egg whites or separated eggs, are a lot of work. Even the size of eggs can make or break the recipe! Also, eggs are expensive these days. So is butter! The unsalted ones cost even more! The cost of one block of unsalted butter (225g) can buy me a McDonald's everyday value meal.

Therefore, vegan baking is not only healthier, it's easier to make and cheaper! I'm not too fussy about the taste and look of cakes, so I don't worry too much if my vanilla sponge didn't rise as much as when using non-vegan recipes. As of today, I've baked vegan vanilla (both white and yellow) and chocolate cakes and they've become my go-to recipes for fast, delicious baking.


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