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Monday, July 09, 2012 @ 8:39 am

Dear Blogger,

I'm beginning to realise why and how some married couples only have two or three children. Yes, financial stability is a major reason but what I've realised is actually more disturbing than dollars and cents! Married couples with children just stop having sex! Gasp!

I don't think it's usually by choice. I think the circumstances made it as such. My newborn daughter Mairah seeks more attention than her older siblings. So much so that she won't sleep well without me by her side. Her older siblings could sleep without much fuss when they were her age. As such, we could just leave them in their cot after a few minutes of bedtime ritual.

So ever since Mairah was born, I have been sleeping with her in the children's room. Not in her cot, but on the queen-sized bed that was formerly bought for my father who stayed with us for a couple of months. Sarah, who has developed separation issues ever since I stayed in the hospital for Mairah's birth, sleeps with me too.

Iman, who won't go to sleep as long as his sister is awake, sleeps with his father in the other room on our $6,000 marital bed. With the door closed. Iman has a habit of getting down from the bed and walk into other rooms when everyone else is asleep. Three people on a queen-sized bed. Two people on a king-sized bed. Doesn't make sense I know.

So this unplanned sleeping arrangement dragged on for nights until it became hard to get the children to sleep in their own room. Since their father didn't make any effort to get them to sleep on their own bed, I just let them be due to exhaustion.

So as you can see, sex is out of the picture. How to have sex when we have children on our bed??? Even if they're not on our bed or in our room, there won't be enough time to have sex before the children start knocking on our door demanding to be let in. They WILL demand believe me. The children have discovered the art of brawling and emotional blackmail.

Sex in the day is also out. Too many activities in the house. Too distracting. And too embarrassing. What other options do we have? Sex in the car like two horny teenagers? The car has become smaller now with children's car seats, toys, cushions, etc. Besides, Ipy and I are no longer as agile or slim as we used to be. Sex in a hotel room? Too costly. The money could be better spent on the children's formula milk and diapers.

So you see. This was my revelation! This is how married couples stop having children! Very sad but very true.


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