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Thursday, June 21, 2012 @ 11:30 pm

Dear Blogger,

You have no idea what a shitty day I've had. It started with me looking forward to getting my sewing machine back and ended with me getting stuck in my lift. Let's start with the sewing machine.

I've had my sewing machine for about four years already, but I've only ever used it in sporadic moments. You know... I have phases. Like baking phase or knitting phase or gardening phase. Now, I'm having sewing phase. When Ipy bought the sewing machine for me, it wasn't a brand new machine. It was actually a very old machine. No longer in production in fact! It wasn't cheap either.

I had actually wanted a cheaper, beginner-entry sewing machine but Ipy said if I really wanted to sew, why not pay a bit more and get a good, sturdy machine that could last years! This machine could sew through leather and I suspected that was what sold him. As if I was really going to sew leather!

Anyway, the machine was so old (probably late last century!) that it didn't even come with a user guide or a manual. I couldn't even find any documentation on the machine on the Internet! Since I was really a beginner at sewing, I really had to learn my way through the machine through excessive reading, trial and error and good old instinct.

It was only a few weeks ago that I've learnt the reason why certain stitches did not turn out as expected was that they needed the right tools to work. Like the overlock stitch need an overlock presser foot. Duh! So I spent a considerable amount of money acquiring the right tools and fabric for my sewing projects. By the way, fabric these days isn't as cheap as I remembered it.

Thanks to websites and YouTube, there were so many easy-to-sew clothes that I wanted to make and I was very enthusiastic about the projects. So far, I've sewed two long floral skirts that are so fashionable now. Haven't taken any photos of them, but I should. They were inspired by the picture below from Let's Get Thrifty blog. It is the simplest skirt I've made so far (even easier than the one taught in Home Economics class!) and the blogger did a great easy-to-follow tutorial on making the skirt. I did mine in about half a day, minus sourcing for materials.

The big, bright floral print on the skirt is gorgeous right? From Let's Get Thrifty.

I've also refit my husband's no-longer-fit work pants into skinny pants and lengthened my pants and jeans because somehow, either they have shrunk or I have grown taller. So you see. I have been busy at the sewing machine. Until a few days ago.

Apparently, something happened to my machine and the needle kept breaking when I sewed. Since I couldn't figure out what was wrong it, even through countless hours of Googling, I had it sent for repair at Ban Soon Sewing. It's a little shop in Clementi that sells and repairs sewing machine and other sewing stuff. It's like THE go-to shop for sewing enthusiasts just like Golden Dragon is to knitters and Ah Boy is to bikers.

It's a great shop except for the service. Actually that's not fair. The staff are helpful except for the lady boss. I don't think she meant to be rude but she really puts me off her service. It's as if she didn't want me to be her customer! Anyway, I sent my sewing machine for repair on Tuesday. Estimated to be ready by today. But it's not completely repaired. I could choose to use some of the stitches or pay more to have some machine part replaced and wait another two weeks or so.

At this point, I was so tempted to just buy a new one. It would cost about the price as having my old machine completely repaired anyway. But hubby dearest advised me to have the machine repaired simply because it's a really good, proven machine. So I went through the lady boss again, which by now had pushed up my blood pressure to boiling point. Next time, the husband will go through her.

So my sewing projects have to be put on hold. I don't know if I'll be enthusiastic about sewing when I get back my machine. I may move on to other interests. Also, I won't be on maternity leave forever.

Now how did I get stuck in the lift? I wanted to take the children out for a walk to the neighbourhood shops but it started to drizzle. But I really wanted to go to the shops. So I left the children at home, bought my stuff and took away a McNuggets meal on the way home for the children.

I live on the second floor but I hardly use the stairs because there are two lifts and they go to every floor. One of the lift is being upgraded now so all the residents in my block have to tolerate with only one lift. The funny thing was, before I went into the one and only lift, someone had come out. The lift door was working fine. Somehow, when I got into it, something had jammed the lift door. I tried going out on other floors but the door wouldn't open.

I didn't panic. I was more annoyed than panic. Called the toll-free maintenance number. Not easy when my phone kept losing signal. When I finally got through, I was told that I had to wait 20min for the support guys to come. In the meantime, I was going up and down the floors. Out of annoyance and boredom (signal loss therefore no access to 3G therefore no Facebook or twitter), I pressed the alarm button continuously.

I think many of my neighbours heard the alarm because as the lift stopped on different floors, some people were trying to pry open the doors. One finally managed to. A young man on the third floor. Guess what? The support guys had not even arrived yet! I thanked the young man and calmly walked down one floor down the stairs. Still no panic. Only increased annoyance.

That's how my day ended. As I'm typing this, I am baking a chocolate cake using "The Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe" from pixelated crumb. It really is the easiest chocolate cake recipe and the yummiest! This is the second time I'm baking this cake. No eggs. No butter. It's idiot-proof and the cake turns out as expected every time (see picture). What's not to like? My children loved this cake. Now, every time Sarah sees chocolate cake, she'd say, "Mommy make chocolate cake!".

Light, fluffy, moist, chocolatey and low cholesterol chocolate cake from pixelated crumb

I split the batter into two round cake pans because I'm going to attempt to frost the cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Cake frosting has always scared me. I haven't yet made a successful frosting, let alone applied it to a cake. Hopefully, I'll be able to succeed this time round. If I do, I'll be able to move on to piping!


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