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Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 12:28 am

Dear Blogger,

Some men, like my husband, think that breastfeeding is easy. I would like to see them have a go at it. Some women too make breastfeeding look so easy. Lucky them. My husband has no idea the stress I face daily breastfeeding all my children. He thinks that whenever the baby cries, just shove her the breast. Bloody hell!

Breastfeeding is one of those activities which no one can tell you if you're doing it well or not. It can affect a person's security and sanity, like yours truly. Is my baby fed enough? If according to the guide books and nursing professionals I'm breastfeeding proper, then why is my baby crying for more right after she suckled my tits for hours??? Is formula milk such a bad thing to give to a newborn? Why can't I supplement breastfeeding with formula without getting disapproval looks from breastfeeding enthusiasts???

It doesn't help my already low self-esteem about my breasts capabilities when my husband keep comparing my milk supply to his friends' wives who seem to be milking like cows. God knows who these "friends" are. I'm so sick of being asked why I can only express less than an ounce of milk per session. How the hell do I know??? It's as good as telling me that I have defective breasts.

Men like my husband should just shut up and leave us women with breastfeeding issues alone. They think they're helping and showing concern by making remarks like these. Well, they're not! I'm already having a hard time with this obsession with milk flow. I don't need to be blamed for every time the baby cries. Since I'm doing such a lousy job at it, let him feed the baby! Wake up in the middle of the night several times too. Babies feed all the time!


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