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Tuesday, June 12, 2012 @ 10:19 pm

Dear Blogger,

Life with one child changes everything. Life with two children has its joys. Life with three children is crazy. One would think that with this many children, one would have been an expert in parenting or at least be more organised in the routines. All I can say is, I am neither. I am seriously overwhelmed with the attention needed by my children.

The baby feeds a lot and cries a lot. I can't stand the crying anymore. I don't know what she wants! Even after she's fed, cleaned, cuddled and God knows what else I've done, she still cries. And it's not even one of those cute cries that makes a person want to hold the baby. It's like a banshee's wail that makes me want to run out of the house! I'm not kidding. I really want to run away. There are even moments that I've thought of dropping the baby, God forbid.

My other two children are no different. I'm surprised the roof hasn't collapsed yet with all their screaming. If they are not screaming, they are up to some mischief somewhere. Mostly damaging my possessions. They just don't understand what no means! Especially my son. Even after countless times of bodily injuries due to falling, hitting or stepping, he still does whatever that injured him in the first place!

My stress level is hitting the roof. People don't think I'm having any stress right now, but I am. So much so that going mental is inevitable. I just want to swallow some drugs that will make this stress go away. Or get my children to swallow some drugs that will make them behave. Is that bad? Child development experts can say whatever they want. They can report me for child abuse. I don't care. They don't live with my children.

I've always believed in spare the rod, spoil the child. The westerners may call it inhumane but who's having a civil and moral crisis now? There is some truth about how some western elements are bad influences. Proof? Just look at Jersey Shore. I was a wild child but Jersey Shore was the pits!

For now, I just want to get away from everything. Maybe for a few days. I just want a few days to live a hedonistic life. No husband. No children. Is that possible? I don't want to get rid of them. Just taking a break from them. Maybe I should admit myself in a mental institution.


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