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Wednesday, June 20, 2012 @ 4:19 am

Dear Blogger,

I first saw a picture of a rainbow layer cake from a recipe in my Flipboard months ago. It was actually called an ombré cake because the layers were shades of one colour. "Ombré" is French for shades. I was blown away by the shades of purple on the layers of the cake and I told myself that making a cake like this would be an item in my bucket list. I haven't made it yet.

Purple Ombré Sprinkles Cake

A few days ago, I came across another rainbow cake on the Internet and this was REALLY a rainbow cake. Apparently, rainbow cakes are the in-thing now looking at the number of photos and tutorials posted in blogs, photo sharing sites and of course, Facebook. It seems it all started when Martha Stewart made this colourful cake with creator Whisk Kid on one of her shows.

The rainbow cake I came across was from Pixelated Crumb, and her recipe (inspired by Whisk Kid and America's Test Kitchen via Diamonds for Dessert) looked more achievable for my elementary skills.

Just look at those cheerful, bright colours! Don't you feel happy already? Thanks Pixelated Crumb!

Now, I can attempt to make this cake the way as it should be i.e. from scratch, or the easy way i.e. pre-mixed ala Betty Crocker. I have attempted the time-consuming, ingredient-fussy kek lapis successfully before and that my friend, did not come from a pre-mixed box. So why not this rainbow cake, which looked much easier to make than the kek lapis. Furthermore, I'm on maternity leave! So wish me luck!

But first, I've to get the right tools. Phoon Huat, here I come!


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