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Tuesday, June 05, 2012 @ 12:12 am

Dear Blogger,

I couldn't sleep because I've been thinking about how long I've not been blogging. Does anyone blog anymore? Anyway, I just wanted to write about my non-epidural birth experience.

People have been asking me about my labour experience before this. I always said that I wasn't the best person to ask about that. Firstly, I have never experienced contractions until now. Secondly, my previous two deliveries were relatively painless. Thirdly, I have quite a high threshold for pain.

Epidural isn't for everyone. I've heard some people say they experienced side effects after opting for epidural. Side effects like back aches and joint pains. I have only experienced those occasionally but I've never attributed them to epidural. Also, if you have a fear of needles, then epidural is definitely not for you. The needle is injected into the spine and the needle isn't a fine one. So if that vision gives you shivers, then epidural is not for you.

For my 3rd delivery, I chose not to get epidural. Two reasons really. Firstly, I wanted to cut cost. More specifically, reduce Ipy's expenses. Epidural would cost him $500 more. Secondly, I wanted to experience natural birth so that I can finally answer the popular question, "Does giving birth hurt?".

I went into the familiar labour suite early in the morning with a 5cm dilation. My water bag hadn't broken yet and I hadn't felt any contractions. I had to go in early because I had some infection in my vagina so I had to antibiotic drip inserted into my blood. My doctor pierced my water bag an hour later but I still had not felt any contractions. It was only about four hours later that I felt the wave-like cramps in my lower region. The notorious contractions have begun. It wasn't so much the pain that was unbearable. It was the quick succession of contractions that made women go crazy.

Proper breathing techniques help to relieve the pain. I had forgotten the breathing technique taught in pre-natal class three years ago. So I googled it. The fact that my hospital offered free WiFi was worth the few thousand dollars that may husband had paid for my stay. Anyway, I learnt to breathe in and out using the "Re-Lax" mantra. Reeee (breathe in), laaaaaaaaaxxxx (breathe out).

The important thing is to stay focus. It is hard to stay focus when your womb feels like it is being squeezed like a sponge. But panicking will only make things worse. For a few minutes, I did that. Panic that is. Then I remembered to focus on my breathing and it did help to relieve the pain a little. At least, you'd be rational enough to ask for painkillers and gas. I don't know what gas it was but I want t again. It tasted horrible at first but after that, I was just floating and it felt good! Guess this was what marijuana felt like.

I couldn't remember much after that. I remembered saying that I wanted to push. Through the haze, I saw my doctor and the nurses rushing to me. I heard Ipy said something but I couldn't make out what he said because there were so many other voices talking too. Then I remembered pushing my arse out. I thought I was doing a number two! I was trying to push something big and round like a rock out of my hole. After three pushes, something just slid out of my body and I felt relieved. Still in a haze, I heard a loud cry. No. A wailing. Then I knew. It was my baby. I couldn't hold or even open my eyes because I was very drowsy. It felt surreal. It felt neither here nor there. I remembered saying "Mommy's drowsy. Mommy's drowsy". And that's that.

When I finally woke up, I was in my suite and my tummy's growling of hunger. Strangely, I was up and about as if I hadn't just delivered a 3.6kg baby girl. Everyone was concerned except me. Physically, I felt really good! Must be the gas. I loved the gas.


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