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Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 12:15 pm

Dear Blogger,

At this moment, I want to kill myself. I cannot stand all the whining, wailing and crying in the house. Do I dare say that I hate my children? Why can't they just sleep when they're tired? Why must they cry when they want something? Why can't they just stay where they are and play with their toys quietly?

I was a well-behaved child! I didn't cry so much. I didn't even cry when I pooped in my nappy! I sat quietly in my corner and played with whatever that was given to me. How did I know that? My aunties keep telling me these little anecdotes.

From whom did my children inherit these attention-seeking behaviours??? Was it their diet? Did the milk formula company added some kind of hyperactive drugs in the milk powder? Was it because I didn't follow any conventions during pregnancy or confinement? What? What? What? Tell me!!!

Could I possibly regret having children? They came too soon! I haven't even settled down proper in marriage and BOOM! The children came one after the other. Much too soon. You know what? I blame my husband for this. I blame his cowardice to get himself protected. Men so easily blame women for things that go wrong in the house. Hey! Listen up! If women are so wrong, why are you still with us???


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