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Monday, January 30, 2012 @ 8:23 am

Dear Blogger,

Last Saturday night, on my 32nd birthday, Ipy and I attended our very first concert together at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Who was playing? Malay rock legends Search! Search is headlining with another 80s/90s Malay rock band, XPDC, which I wasn't that familiar with.

Search has been in the music industry for 30 years already. Their biggest hits were in the good old big-haired, rock days of the 80s and early 90s. Think of U2/Scorpions/Bon Jovi (without the sappy love songs) and you'll have Search. In fact, the lead singer, Amy (he's a guy, not a girl) has reinvented himself several times just like Bono.

Ipy and I were looking forward to this concert because the last time Amy performed here (as a solo artist), we heard his concert was good. His concert with his band last Saturday night, did not disappoint. Their stage experience was evident and Amy put all the 20-something rocker-wannabe to shame with his energy. He's 54 by the way. The stadium was singing along to all their megahits and by the end of their 1-hour plus set, we were all on our feet for a standing ovation. They showed us why they were and still is, the rock gods of Malay music.

The next band, XPDC, didn't fare too well. It had 2 different line-ups in fact! That was unusual. The first one that came on, was the later reincarnation of the band, with a heavier rock metal sound. This line-up was heavily influenced by Metallica. Even the vocalist looked a lot like that singer from Metallica, before he chopped off his mane!

The second line-up was the original version which most of its hits were produced. Unfortunately, the singer had very weak vocals, unlike the newer singer. We could barely hear him and thus, most of the music they were playing sounded alike. I was almost dozing off! Pity that I couldn't recognise some of their hits. The original line-up had some great songs but the weak voice of the singer didn't do any of their songs nor the band any justice. Felt the sound engineer could have done something to improve the situation.

Things picked up when both XPDC line-ups came together for an unplugged session. By then, it was almost midnight. Some of the crowds were already streaming out of the stadium. I think they were trying to catch the last few trains from the stadium. Pity. This unplugged session was the best sounding of XPDC's set. Finally, they sang their biggest radio-hit and everyone went home happy.

Not a fan of their hit song. Thought it was a really stupid song. It did teach mat rockers how to spell though. Ask any mat rocker how to spell "cinta" (love) and they'll gladly belt out XPDC's hit song. Humourous.

All in all, Search whet my appetite for more rock concerts. Ipy is already looking forward to the next concert in March featuring his rock goddess, Ella and his rock idol, Awie. As for me, I hope Search performs here again with a full set. Disappointed that they couldn't sing some of their hits like "Gadis Misteri" (Mystery Girl) and "Rozana" because of the double showcase. It's alright because they rocked my boat last Saturday night.

Altogether now... Gadisku~...


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