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Sunday, January 01, 2012 @ 9:55 am

Dear Blogger,

First and foremost, Welcome 2012!!! Secondly, I'd like to apologise to my readers (can't believe I still have readers!) for not blogging regularly like I said I should. Many things have happened in my life in 2011. Of course, the big one is that I'm pregnant with my third child. The sex of the baby is still unconfirmed. Does it matter? Not really. I already have a daughter and a son. In terms of resources, I have both gender's clothes to hand down. It's a bit unfair though isn't it how younger siblings have to wear or use their oldest siblings' stuff?

The other big change is that I'm back in the workforce after many years of blissful domestic life. I still don't understand why it's so difficult for some people to accept homemaking as a choice. In this post-feminist world, women can't be housewives??? Isn't the point of feminism the ability for women to make choices and not made to feel guilty about the choice they make? I'm no Germaine Greer, but if that isn't feminism then I don't know what is.

What do I hope for 2012? Nothing. I've yet to fulfill all my past years' hopes. Why make new ones when I've outstanding hopes full to the brim? If I really, really have to have a hope for 2012, then can I hope for a naughty one? I do hope my husband can be a bit more adventurous in the bedroom. Not sure if that's my request or my hormones. I'm in that stage in my pregnancy when I'm sexually active and experimental. Unfortunately, hubby is a very straight guy. There's only so much excitement in "touch and go" sex.

It's interesting though how sex is much more fun when it's "sinful". Just like how most unhealthy food is in fact, to die for when consumed. Chocolates and fried chicken anyone? Do I need therapy? Wait a minute! A woman thinking about sex is not normal??? And it's normal for a man to do likewise? Think about it. Who has the real power during sex? Hmmm....

For now, I'll just make do with watching True Blood season 4 on HBO. Eric Northman... Yum!


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