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Monday, September 26, 2011 @ 8:01 am

Dear Blogger,

Ipy and I were watching a Hindi movie last night when he said something that made me think.

He said, "You know, when I travelled to third world countries like India, I always liked to watch the children play. They looked very happy. They played with no worries in their minds. Unlike Singapore children. I think children in Singapore are not happy. They can't play without thinking of homework and tests."

I wonder if my children are happy. They're not in school yet so I think they're happy. The children in my childcare don't look happy though. Who wants to be cooped up in structured environment for 12 hours? Yes, some parents send their children as soon as the childcare opens at 7 a.m. and fetch them when the centre's about to close at 7 p.m. I think our children work longer hours than the adults. I think our children have forgotten how to be children.

I worry about the state of our education. What's the point of having a world-class education system when the future we are moulding are not world-class? I see more and more graduates of our school system lacking in social skills. They may have higher IQ than their counterparts in other countries but their EQ is something to be desired.

So how can I send my children to school knowing this??? Thanks to the Compulsory Education Act, I will have to enroll them in school when they turn 7 years old. Albert Einstein said school had done him more harm than good, and I do agree. Not that I totally against schools. I am still studying in a school aren't I? I like the knowledge I gained in schools but I sure hate the grading system and the workload and the exams. Do they really measure my competence?

I think parents are to blame too. I understand every parent wants the best for their child but what does it mean to be the "best"? Does "best" mean acing all tests and exams? Does "best" mean being a responsible person? I think parents should stop dragging their children into their rat race. Ask yourselves, is it their ambition or yours?


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