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Friday, August 19, 2011 @ 10:37 am

Dear Blogger,

I've received feedback from readers that I've not been writing much these days. My apologies. My deepest, sincerest apologies. It seems so ironic that technology is so advanced now that one can even tell the whole world of your mundane tasks in mere seconds, yet I can't even find the time to sit down, reflect, and write!

I said I was going to pray terawih as much as possible this Ramadan right? Guess what? My last terawih as a jemaah was on that first night of Ramadan! Since then, I have been so busy with school work that I couldn't go out to the mosque! I have been praying at home though. Still, it doesn't feel right unless you do it with your community. That equality and common objective to pray with the one and only Allah is what makes Islam so great. It's really quite a sight to see Muslims pray in unison you know. Just watch the Haj telecast on TV every Aidiladha!

This Aidilfitri, we are going to spend much because much of the spending was done last year. We don't have much time to go out shopping anyway. Besides, we've already gotten what we need when we went to KL last May. It does feel relaxed though not having to rush to buy things. No stress about shops not carrying your size or the colour that you want.

I don't know about you but I find the festivities in Geylang Serai gets faded every year. Maybe Singaporean Malays are getting more modern or that I'm just getting older. The light-up is nothing to boast about. It looks the same every year. It's as common as the young Singaporeans who disrespectfully loiter, eat, drink and smoke at the bazaar every year. I don't remember we did that when we were younger. My peers knew to respect Ramadan.

So... Presidental Election (PE) soon. To be honest, for most Singaporeans, we are just looking forward to the Public Holiday. For most Malays, at least for the women, this is the day we'll start cooking in the kitchen! Hari Raya will be just a few days away!

Err... Can I not cook this year? So tired with school and work.


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