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Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 8:11 am

Dear Blogger,

I seriously cannot recognise my country anymore. Not that I've gone abroad for a considerable amount of time. I haven't gone anywhere actually except for the occasional day trip to JB. Maybe I've been cooped up at home and at work AND at school to see the changes happening.

The Singapore I used to know was economically stable, sociably tolerant and nationally/politically consistent. Yes Singaporeans complain a lot but I blame that on their ungratefulness. When you pamper a child, the child will grow up complaining and whining a lot when things don't go his way.

The Singapore that I see now is none of the above anymore. Even the complaining has grown louder and at times, more active. People are no longer just relieving their frustrations among friends, families and peers at the coffee shops, hawker centres or casual gatherings. They are going online and organising protests and what have you.

Nothing wrong with using media to create awareness of your causes. ONLY if used with responsibility. Many young Singaporeans these days, perhaps due to a stable environment in which they were born into, do not know what it means to be responsible. They jump without thinking of the consequences of their actions. Perhaps it's a youth thing. I did silly things too when I was younger.

There are young Singaporeans who use the many communication avenues for good and worthy causes. It's heartening to see them participate in debates in a civil manner on issues which have valid concerns. But they are many out there who deserved to be brought on stage for a canning like in the school days of before. Bad English is one thing, not knowing how to express yourself clearly without vulgarities is another. Besides, where's the impact of the vulgarity if you spew it regularly in your language?

I am still not convince that the influx of foreigners to our shores is the cause of intolerance in my country. Just like in any relationship, both parties must work together and accept each other's differences. I also believe that when in Rome, do what the Romans do. I'm not sure about the facts of the "Curry Saga" but I think the issue here is about tolerance.

Even before the foreigners came, Chinese Singaporeans complain about Muslims praying in public spaces, Malay Singaporeans complain about Chinese burning papers and joss sticks on the pavements, Indian Singaporeans complain about the Chinese and Malays and vice versa. There has always been intolerance but people back then were gracious enough to deal with it constructively. I don't see that happening now.

What is happening to my Singapore???


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