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Friday, April 01, 2011 @ 11:12 am

Dear Blogger,

General Election is coming soon. When? Nobody seems to know except those in the know. I've a feeling it'll be end of this month or next month. This will be the 3rd time I'll be voting. I take pride in my vote, unlike some in my generation and younger.

A recent tabloid survey said that 2 out of 5 young Singaporeans won't vote. A common reason is that their vote wouldn't change anything, especially the political landscape here. I just think these people are plain lazy. The only way for change to happen is to act and one way to make changes in the political landscape is to vote for your preferred representative whom you think shares your ideals.

Did these people think that by not doing anything, change will happen? Did they think if they just sit around in the corner and wait for someone else to do all the work for them, change will happen? This is a typical mentality of young Singaporeans these days!

Not only are they self-centred, they are lazy and expect things to go their way without putting any effort at all! Just look at that NS-man (or boy!) who made his maid carry his army backpack! He's the future of our country? The defender of our country?! God forbid!

There is another group of voters who votes for opposition for the sake of an opposition. Not promoting the ruling party or anything, but why are these people wasting their precious votes on someone that has yet to prove he has substance, not just an all-talk and no action man?

If my district fields opposition contenders worthy of my vote, then yes I will vote for that person. I want a representative who gets the work done. I don't want to vote for someone who talks air. Don't promise to lower taxes if you can't tell me how you're going to do it.

We have seen so many politicians in other countries who oppose the ruling party but fail to deliver when they were voted by the people. The people wanted change. They did get the change, but not how they expected it. Instead of more jobs and economic progress, what they got were more political scandals. You know who I'm referring to.

There have been some opposition politicians who have been walking the talk. Chiam See Tong, Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim's admission to our government aren't flukes. They are worthy oppositions whose common goal is not to bring down the ruling party, but to work together for the betterment of the whole nation. This is what I want in a politician, regardless of party. People first, self second!


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