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Thursday, January 06, 2011 @ 9:26 am

Dear Blogger,

Yesterday, I went to my first job interview in over 4 years. I thought it would have been nerve-wrecking but it wasn't. I was certainly nervous of becoming an idiot. Fortunately, the cat did not run off with my tongue.

First of all, why the sudden interest in job-hunting when all along, I was happy being a housewife? Not just any housewife, mind you. A housewife who still devotes a third of her time helping less academically-inclined primary school students pass their exams.

It all started with the politically-confused term "economically inactive". According to the OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms,

"Economically inactive population comprises all persons who were neither 'employed' nor 'unemployed' during the short reference period used to measure 'current activity'. This population is split into four groups:
- Attendant at educational institutions
- Retired
- Engaged in family duties
- Other economically inactive"

I guess I would be in the "Engaged in family duties" group. I thought it was an odd term to define me. Yes, I am not officially employed by any company and I do not have any formal source of income. However, I certainly do spend a lot of money and isn't that being economically active? Doesn't economy work in 2 directions? Don't shoot me because I'm not a statistician.

Secondly, Ipy had thrown in one too many cues about me working. Cues such as, "If my wife works, we could afford a bigger car" or "If my wife works, we could go on longer-journey holidays", or "If my wife works, we could..." etc, etc, etc! At first, he said he was just joking but when a person repeats the same "joke", is it really a "joke"?

By the end of the year, I got so irritated by his "joke" that I took it as a challenge. So I updated my resume and sent out copies of it to every company looking for suitable candidates. The first to reply was for a childcare teacher post. Will describe it later.

The funny thing was, when Ipy saw me getting serious about job-hunting, he reacted unexpectedly. I thought he would have been delighted. On the contrary! He seemed confused and conflicted. Then how did you think I feel? One minute he wanted me to stay home and nurture our children, the next minute he wanted me out the door and earn some money!

It is not like we really need the double income. Everything was fine with the current arrangement. I seriously don't know what he wants. I thought he understood clearly that I was not the type to work for the money. It even says so in my work personality report!

Back to the childcare teacher post. Can you imagine me being a childcare teacher? Why not??? I enjoy being with kids more than adults. I seriously believe in the value of learning, in and out of the classroom. Early childhood education is a booming industry!

The recruitment process is still in early phases. I haven't decided to accept or not. This post includes a bonded, fully-sponsored training programme. Sounds like a good deal at first. Just like a wedding proposal! But like in any relationship, this post is a commitment. Am I ready to take on such a commitment? Do I WANT to take this commitment?


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