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Friday, January 07, 2011 @ 2:07 pm

Dear Blogger,

I don't know much about boxing except that it seems to be the sport of choice for award-winning movies. I have never watched a boxing match except in movies. Even in movies like the Rocky series or Raging Bull, boxing did not look so much like a sport other than a dramatised, choreographed act.

Yesterday, due to the good reviews in the Straits Times Life and Channel News Asia, I decided to watch The Fighter. I was more curious about the good review than anything else. My husband was more interested in Mark Wahlberg. He idolises Mark Wahlberg.

I must have been caught up in my own little world for a while now because I have not heard of this movie till a few days ago. Suddenly, this movie is winning awards left, right and centre! Even an Oscar supporting actor nomination for one of my favourite actor, Christian Bale. Deservingly so I must say!

The plot is simple. You would have probably seen similar storyline elsewhere. It is the great acting from the cast that makes this simple story engaging to watch. I have always believed all along that you don't need fancy special effects or smarty pants storyline to make a good movie. Just good, old-fashioned stellar acting.

In summary, The Fighter is about Micky's (Wahlberg) bumpy road to a boxing championship. He is constantly struggling to balance his family's expectations and his own's. The brotherly love insight between him and his once-famous, cocaine-addicted half-brother Dicky (Bale) is I think more compelling to watch than the boxing matches themselves. His mother (Melissa Leo) is also a hoot to watch.

The poster above may show Wahlberg bigger and centred (he produced the movie after all) but look again and you will no doubt be attracted to Bale's profile. That's just how he is! Christian Bale is such a charismatic actor and he is now being regarded as one of the finest in his generation.

I don't really approve of his intense-to-the-point-of-scary method acting but the guy sure delivers his characters every time. As Dicky, he was so charming and might I say naive, that we can't help but root for him despite his destructive drug habit. Just give him the Oscar man!

Everyone else in the movie played their part very well. None of that Hollywood bigger-than-life caricatures. The Fighter isn't exactly indie fare nor is it Hollywood studios' production. All that is important is that it's a good movie. Go watch it!

Oh! It has an M18 rating in Singapore. Not sure why. Probably because of the cocaine-smoking.


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