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Tuesday, December 07, 2010 @ 9:07 pm

Dear Blogger,

My poor (literally poorer) husband had to fork out $4500 because the alterator and other technical stuff in his car had died on him. At that amount, he could have deposited for a brand new car, but we're not living in a cheap country.

I think Singapore must be the only country in the world where one has to bid for a certificate to own a car! The certificate itself can cost as much as a small car!

The official reason for such a system as proclaimed by the transport ministry is that it is necessary to limit the number of vehicles on the road of a land-scarced country. I don't think this system is working anymore as I see more and more cars on the road even during off-peak hours!

It's not just the saloons or the sedans that are hogging the roads. Luxurious, sporty, cost-more-than-my-apartment cars are more visible these days. Either the people in this country are getting richer or the banks are too easy on their loans. If it's the latter, will Singapore suffer the same financial recession as the US a few years ago?

Ipy has been planning to buy a bigger car to accomodate his ever growing family and also reduce his current car installment, but the recent cost increase of COE (Certificate of Entitlement) of cars has him put off his plan for awhile. Despite the higher cost, people are still buying cars at an alarming rate!

Each family doesn't just own one car now. It seems that each member of a family must own a vehicle! A BMW for mommy. A Subaru for the son. A Honda for the daughter. A Toyota for granny and grandad. Maybe a Nissan for daddy.

A person who tells you that you don't need to own a car in Singapore has obviously not owned one yet. He's probably single and doesn't have any children. One may not necessarily die from the absence of a private vehicle in Singapore but he will seriously be miserable taking the public transport here.

So what if we have an award-winning public transport system? Yes I do admit that our bus and train services are very regular and fast but they are also regularly crowded. Maybe the Japanese can tolerate a sardine-packed commuter train, do we really want to live like that?

The CEO of SMRT (that's our Metro trains to non-Singaporeans) said that our trains are not as crowded as trains in other countries. How many CEOs do you know take public transport daily??? Tell him to board the train at Tampines from 7.30am to Boon Lay and he'll probably post a public apology about his comment.

Singapore is not growing land nor is it acquiring any. Yet, we already have 5 million people living, working, dying here. Still, the government wants more people here! It doesn't take a genius to realise that something's got to give.


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