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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @ 9:41 am

Dear Blogger,

As I read about Jonathan Wong's case in The Straits Times today, I began to think that maybe he deserved a second chance. Jonathan Wong, a Singaporean in London on a teaching scholarship, was charged in a London court for possession of child pornography in his computer.

Even though he escaped jail term, he was certainly going to be expelled from the University of York where he was studying for 3 years and he would be sent home due to the revocation of his student visa. Sent home in shame no less! The Ministry of Education (MOE) had already revoked his scholarship.

MOE had been criticised heavily by the public when the case was first made known, for awarding a scholarship to an individual who was a known pervert. Jonathan Wong was caned publicly in Hwa Chong Institution (a top tertiary school in Singapore) for being a peeping Tom. Granted that this significant event wasn't noted in his school's testimonials and the ministry might not have the capabilities to anally scrutinise an applicant's background, somebody or something should have raised a red flag somehow.

Anyway, back to second chances. I guess Jonathan Wong's second chance came in the form of the MOE scholarship. Unfortunately, he was stupid enough to waste it. He was lucky though to escape a jail sentence. Hopefully, he will seek help for his addiction and through this experience, will come out a better person.

As someone who has done many colourful things in the past, I have learnt that the repercussions of the activity may seem endless, especially when it's a negative one, but what is valuable from all that is the soul- and mind-building nature of the experience. I mean, the whole world may beat you up for it, but it's almost always the comeback that we will be remembered for.

I was told recently that if one is currently facing lots of mind-shattering challenges, it is because God loves him more. It'll be hard to remember that when you're down in the shit hole though. Guess that is why it is called a test of faith.

For Jonathan Wong, he may be wishing that the earth would just eat him up right now. He should instead take time out to reflect on his past actions and plan for the future. A good future, not a depressing one.

A good time to do all that since the year is almost ending. We are always looking forward to a new year. We make plans for the year ahead. We even write down our plans! Resolutions anyone? Just remember to convert those plans into actions.

I have learnt not to make too many plans because they will never come to life. So for 2011, my one and only major plan of the year is to learn to speak and write Arabic. I can read the Arabic characters, but I have no idea what I'm reading. I hope to change all that by 2011's end.

My plan is already in action when I committed myself to an Arabic language course which will commence on 6th February 2011. Initially, I thought of going for a short-course programme. Then I thought why not go all the way and be certified for it at the end of the course? That will show how serious I am about this. So I did!

I registered for a 2-year certification programme at a local Arabic institution. Classes are taught on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. There will be exams in every semester, 6 semesters in all. The whole enchilada!

What is your plan for 2011? What have you done to make it happen? There is still time to think about this.


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