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Monday, December 13, 2010 @ 3:20 pm

Dear Blogger,

After 5 weeks of giving birth, my weight still lingers at the 72-73kg mark. Technically, I'm a few kilograms lighter than I was pre-pregnant. That's not light enough. I am overweight according to my BMI and I still can't fit into my jeans and dresses.

Now that my helper is here, I am making conscious efforts to start exercising again and keeping a food diary. HPB's "Diet Tracker" for smartphones is a basic food diary. The food list needs to be updated though.

If only body issues weren't issues in the first place. People of all shapes and sizes shouldn't be forced to fit into an ideal mould. We should be accepted for the way we are! Instead on focusing so much on the exterior, we should work towards a healthier, happier interior!

Wouldn't it be great if bigger women were desired rather than ostracised? There's a reason why a woman's body was designed as such. For procreation!

I think Kate Moss is to blame for all these body issues we're made to suffer for the rest of our lives. Women in glossy magazines had boobs and bootie before she came along.


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