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Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 4:51 pm

Dear Blogger,

It is said that the the actual test of a marriage is getting through the 2nd year. Passing the 1st year is easy because everything about each other is still rosy. That's why it is called a honeymoon.

I don't know what the 2nd year of marriage is called but I can say that the rosy picture is peeling layer by layer. For example, before marriage, one hardly hears the other farts. Now, one can hear a symphony of farts and even identify his signature flatulance!

It is understandable that everyone has his quirks. Sometimes they're cute and sometimes they are downright irritating. Marriage teaches us to adjust our tolerance level accordingly. However, I believe that after years of living together, if one doesn't learn his partner's tolerance level and adapt to it, then he is selfish and deserved to be called a wanker.

One particular issue I have with Ipy is his habit of leaving things where they should not be. His keys and bags especially. There is a reason why storage devices for keys and bags are created. It is so the owner of these things won't repeatedly annoy his wife with questions like, "Have you seen my keys?".

Of course the self-proclaimed forgetful owner won't be asking the right questions. If he asks " Have you seen my keys?", he's actually asking if I've seen his keys AND where are they. You see, I'm not just the wife, I'm also the inventory tracker.

I can be magnanimous and blame it on my mild obsessive compulsive behaviour. I won't though. I think nobody should compromise on being neat, tidy and organised.


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