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Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 8:20 am

Dear Blogger,

I'm testing Blogger on the Go. I'm posting via email. I'm actually posting in the toilet. That's the beauty of smartphones these days. One can post useless information about oneself from anywhere as long as there is network.

It seems that a phone is no longer a phone unless it can capture HD images. What happened to a good, simple phone? I mean, even when the phone is equipped with high-tech features, say a 10mp camera, we still go out and buy a digital camera! Isn't it redundant?

My husband now carries 2 phones with him; one for business calls and the other for everything else except receiving calls. He used to own just 1 phone that acesses 2 SIM4 cards, but because it wasn't a smartphone, he just got to have a smartphone. He might as well lug around a netbook.

I miss the simple days when technology didn't invade our lives so much. Now toddlers are playing with iPhones instead of Lego blocks. 16-month-old Sarah only plays with iPhones. If the phone isn't touch screen, it won't do.

What happened to actual living???


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