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Saturday, October 16, 2010 @ 4:33 pm

Dear Blogger,

Yesteday, we collected baby son's Quinny Zapp at Spring Maternity, Vivocity. Deep down, we knew that we didn't need another baby stroller because Sarah already had 2. But it was selling at such a good price that Ipy couldn't resist!

Besides, he has been having "stroller envy" ever since Sarah could crawl. I think if he could afford it, he would have wanted to buy the thousand over dollar stroller.

For parents-to-be or parents thinking of buying a new stroller, here are my tips:
  • Set a budget and stick to it! Don't feel guilty because you can't afford to buy the most advanced, fanciest baby stroller.
  • Know your requirements. It could be safety, comfort, mobility, weight, etc. Just remember that even though you're the one pushing the stroller around, it's the baby who's going to lie/sit in there.
  • Try out as many strollers as you can. Just like you'd go on test drives when buying a new car, do the same for strollers. Is it flexible enough to move around tight corners? Is it easy enough to open and close the stroller?
  • It's good to wait for the best deal. Sometimes, you feel like you must buy it there and then. Be patient. Listen to your gut instinct.

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