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Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ 7:46 am

Dear Blogger,

Been busy knitting. Really busy. Knit as much as I can, whenever I can. Why? Because I actually have orders for my hats! Yeay! So the ones I've made before were not knitted but crocheted, but so what? I'm selling them cheap!

Not forever cheap of course. Just at introductory price. Knitters would know that knitting takes far longer to complete than crocheting. Or maybe I'm just a slow knitter. Whatever it it, I'm actually selling my own hand-produced stuff!

Have I given birth yet? Not yet. Everyone's waiting for the prince to make himself known to the world. Only mommy knows he's not ready yet. He's comfortable being in the protective womb of his mommy.

So am I ready for labour? Surprisingly no. Even though this will be my second delivery, I still have jitters about the unknowns. It feels like it's my first time! In fact, I don't even remember feeling this jittery the last time! Maybe it was because Sarah was an easier pregnancy. Didn't have much distractions going on except for the pregnancy.

Ipy has already set his mind to send his son to religious school and hope that he becomes an ustaz (religious scholar). As much as I want all my children to receive a secular education balanced with religious knowledge, I didn't have the heart to rain on Ipy's expectations. I'll just be patient and see which directions my children will head and I think this will be the best for them.


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