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Wednesday, September 01, 2010 @ 10:56 am

Dear Blogger,

Remember I said that I won't be baking cookies or cakes this Hari Raya? Well... I've already spicy mini popiah, sweet mini popiah, honey joys and chocolate chip cookies. Sorry, no pictures yet. So far, all my efforts this year have been positive. Ipy can't seem to stop munching on any of them.

It seems that despite buying lots of kuehs and kerepeks from Simpang Renggam this year, I can't resist making some! it's like tradition I guess. Besides, how many of my generation makes Hari Raya goodies these days??? Anyway, hopefully this tradition will be passed down to my daughters and their daughters.

For the first time, Ipy will be attempting to make ketupat this year. My family has never make ketupat although my dad taught me how to weave. Not surprisingly, I'm the only one still who knows how to weave. We are all very excited about making our own ketupat. Ipy hopes that this will be another family tradition. Not many young generation knows how to weave a ketupat let alone knows the process of making one.

I am going to attempt making steamed fruit cake tomorrow. We didn't order any cakes and I think it's a little late to place any orders for one. Looking at the canisters piling up on the dining table, it's safe to say that we have plenty of Hari Raya goodies already. So why oh why am I itching to bake more???

This Ramadan so far has been quite blessed for us. Food were more than adequite since we've been exchanging dishes with our Muslim neighbours. Hari Raya clothes and accessories were comfortably budgeted and spent. Ipy and I were able to conduct our prayers without much distractions. It has been a good Ramadan so far indeed.


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