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Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

Dear Blogger,

This coming Saturday, Sarah is turning 1. Gosh! Where did the time go? Has it been almost a year since I've given birth to my first child? Guess time just went woosh as one gets older.

I am someone who believes in celebrating birthdays because it's a celebration of life! The bigger the better! I don't understand why some people shy away from it especially as one gets older. There's nothing to be ashamed in aging. Everyone goes through it. I feel sad when a person's birthday goes by without any form of celebration.

Unfortunately, my husband is one of those people. He doesn't think birthdays are important. More so now that he's turning 40. Fine! I can't change the man but doesn't mean I have to share his belief. If he doesn't want to celebrate his birthdays, then it's his choice. But please don't dampen my joy of birthdays.

So I shouldn't be surprised and upset when I ended up doing most of the preparation work for Sarah's first birthday. Still... It's OUR daughter's 1st birthday! Show some enthusiasm will you! It's not like she'll be one year old forever!


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