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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 @ 8:16 pm

Dear Blogger,

Sarah's birthday party went reasonably well. We were worried that it was going to rain the whole day but it ceased about noon. It so happened that the rain which started about 3am in the east, was the most rain we received in many years! It flooded several areas and caused more damaged than the one that happened last month!

By the time we checked-in at Costa Sands resort, the sun was partially out. We managed to fit everything into the car, thus saving us multiple trips. We even had time to have a quiet lunch. By 5pm, Ipy tried setting up the BBQ pit. It was his first BBQ as a host, so he was at a lost at how to start the grill burning. After 2 hours manipulating the charcoal and firestarters, he actually managed to get the grill up and running! Here's a tip to virgin BBQ hosts: Good quality charcoal is important. Saving a few bucks isn't worth the frustration and time wasted.

By 6.30pm, guests were streaming in. We only invited close family members and friends and they were already plenty. The raw food were cooking brilliantly on the grill, so no one had to wait long for the chicken mid-joints, otah and satay to be ready for consumption. At 7.30pm, Sarah blew out her first candle. She was overwhelmed with everything but became excited with all the presents that her generous guests had bestowed upon her. Guess getting presents at any age is always exciting.

The BBQ ended at close to midnight. By then, we felt raindrops on our heads. Perfect timing! Ipy and I were exhausted. My back was aching from the prolonged standing. With the aircon and the slight rain beating outside our deluxe plus chalet unit, it was no wonder Ipy said I snored all night.

The next day, we didn't go out much because it rained on and off. But we had the whole day to ourselves. Thankfully at Downtown East, there were plenty of things to do. We didn't get to use the complimentary tickets to the theme parks because of the rain, but they were due several weeks later.

I thought it was a good event and we pulled it off quite well. Ipy agreed but he won't do it again. I can't expect much from a person who has almost everything done for him almost all his life. Maybe for our son's first birthday, we'll have it at McDonald's.


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