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Tuesday, July 06, 2010 @ 12:13 am

Dear Blogger,

I am patiently typing this entry on my Nokia N97mini. It's not easy I tell you but it just needs some getting used to that's all. I know everybody else is using an iPhone these days. Why should I join the masses right? Nokia has served me well for over 10 years already. Besides, somebody should be in the minority.

Last week, we had a detailed gynae scan that finally confirmed the baby's gender. At first, it was thought to be a girl. Remember that I said Ipy preferred daughters to sons? Well, he was ecstatic. That was shortlived because a boy was suspected a few weeks later. Even though now that it's confirmed that the baby is growing a little willy, he is denial and still wishes for another daughter. I don't know if I feel disappointed or sad with his reactions.

So... Now the World Cup has reached the semis. I don't think I'm that excited anymore. Even though Italy fell so pathetically in the group stages, I was still looking forward to an Argentina-Brazil final. That's not going to happen now is it? What's up with the traditionally strong teams dropping like flies in this World Cup?

Here's my theory. Many of the players in these teams play in international giant clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona. So when these superstars put on the national jerseys, they don't know how to put aside their individualistic egos and play as a team. By the way, has anyone noticed that many superstars who played for Chelsea is MIA due to injury?

Many said it's Germany's year this year. I'm not a fan of Germany. Never has. So I guess I'll be rooting for any team playing against Germany.

Back to my pregnancy. I've been having erotic dreams more frequently these days. Is that normal? Not that I've not been getting any action lately but how satisfactory can sex be when I'm pregnant. It's hard to feel sexy and in the mood when I feel and look fat! I nkow there are many real women out there who feel the way I do. That's why I don't envy celebrities like Giselle Bundchen qho get back their already ridiculous pre-pregnancy bodies within weeks. They're not even good role models to begin with!

Big girls of the world, UNITE!!!


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