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Thursday, April 15, 2010 @ 2:23 pm

Dear Blogger,

My father was discharged yesterday, but since I was still sick, I instructed my brother to fetch him. Then I got all worried if my dumb brother didn't get all the necessary information from the doctor. I know I should have more faith in people but if you really have my family as family, Mount Everest seems easier to climb than having faith in these people.

Now that my father's back at my place, I've become more tired and worried than ever. With this second pregnancy and a very active Sarah, I've a feeling my sanity is going to give way sooner than ever. Not to mention there's my mom to tolerate. That's really asking too much from me.

I told Ipy that I may not be able to cope with all of these when my pregnancy gets even more demanding. He asked if I wanted to engage a domestic helper. We've asked ourselves that for months now. Every time I thought getting extra help would be a good idea, I get negative feedback about domestic help from friends and relatives. Not really a confidence booster.

I've mentioned my experience with domestic helpers before. I haven't forgotten the agony of that experience. Of course there's the fact that naturally, I'm fiercely independent. I find the thought of paying a person to do chores that I can do is simply degrading.

Maybe times have changed. I need to change my mentality too. I do need help if I want to manage 2 babies, a sick father, an intolerable mother, a 158sqm home, a doting but just-like-another-baby husband and my tuition work. My choices are simple. Either I be a fully stay-at-home mom (i.e. give up tuition) or get domestic help.

What shall I do??? Need advice on domestic helpers.


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