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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 11:33 am

Dear Blogger,

Baby is doing well despite me feeling sickly lately. It's growing arms and legs as we speak. Poor baby. Mommy's feeling all stressed out and sick, and it's not its fault! How mommy wishes to have a stress-free pregnancy but it's almost impossible with grandma around.

Anyway, Ipy treated me to dinner at Straits Kitchen last Sunday. I knew he wanted to make me feel better, what with the stress at home and my aching tooth. The last time we came here was when Ipy's company treated its long-serving staff.

Unlike Carousel which was always full, Straits Kitchen was pretty relaxed. We didn't even need to make a reservation, but we did anyway. Some people would scoff at paying so much for local food that can be found almost anywhere in Singapore. But if you think about it, $45++ is really affordable for unlimited servings of over 40 different dishes. Most dishes at food courts these days cost an average of $4 per plate!

Straits Kitchen had one of the best carrot cake I've ever tasted. There aren't that many halal carrot cakes around and most can be found at Banquet food courts. The dishes at the Indian station were also delicious. I couldn't remember any of their names though. Hard to remember foreign names.

We ate there for about 3 hours. I wouldn't say we really "ate". It was more like nibbling the dishes. Tasted a bit here and there. One can never really "eat" at a buffet. If you ask me, this isn't the place to bring rowdy family and friends. You know what I mean. People who are better suited at dining at coffeeshops. I would never bring my extended family here. I'd die of embarrassment.

The next day, my toothache was getting to my nerves. So I made an appointment with my dentist. I told him, if he didn't want to extract it, find me someone else who would do it. It wasn't that he was not skilled. It was just that he was concern about the risk of x-ray exposure on pregnant women. I told him it was fine if you take the necessary precaution.

He didn't take an x-ray, but he did extract my wisdom tooth. The upper one, not the lower one. It didn't cost me much. Only $90 because it was just an "extraction", not a surgery. I said whatever. I don't know much about wisdom teeth but I suspect they are as useless as the appendix, and equally painful.


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