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Monday, March 22, 2010 @ 8:24 pm

Dear Blogger,

I am so in need of a holiday. I was envious of people of went on holidays over the long Chinese New Year break. Looks like I'll feel deprived again now that Good Friday is just around the corner.

If only my siblings would help look after my dad. Since the last family meeting, I have yet to receive any form of contribution from them even though they have said they will. Even within families, black and whites are necessary to avoid misunderstandings. Next time maybe I'll bring in a lawyer too!

You know what? I'm really tired of this issue. I wish we could settle this once and for all instead of going over this issue again and again. It's so unproductive!

My dad is looking better since I took control of his healthcare. With the dialysis, he even has his colour back! Previously, he was always looking pale and tired. Now, he can even sit up on his own and laugh at AB Sheikh's lame jokes on radio. He likes AB Sheikh.

Not that I'm blowing my own horn. Honestly speaking, I am proving to my mother that if she had given my dad proper care all these years, his health would not have deteriorated this much. He shouldn't even go blind! The fact that she's still in denial over the state of his condition seals my point.

Over the weekend, Sarah had high fever. Ipy took her to the paediatric clinic on Saturday morning. By then, her fever had dropped to just under 38 degrees. So no tests were done.

That night however, her temperature went up again to 39 degrees. So, we immediately took her to KKH A&E. The doctor didn't do much either. We were left to sponge her on our own while waiting for her to pee so we could collect some urine samples.

We got to the A&E at 2am. She didn't pee till 6am. When her temperature hit 40 degrees, I thought she'd be warded or something. But the doctor said we could go home because the urine test proved negative. I asked, "That's it???". No jabs even? I could have just ordered more paracetemol from her paediatrician and did all the sponging at home!

Sarah's fever has gone down but she's still not well yet. We've been monitoring her temperature every hour and feeding her paracetemol every 4 hours. It's strenuous work because Sarah has learnt to shut her mouth whenever we try to feed her medicine. Clever girl!


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010 @ 8:23 am

Dear Blogger,

Yes, yes. Another lapse in my blogging. Not intentional though. I've been busy managing my dad's healthcare now that his peritoneal dialysis has started. The whole of last week, I've spent whole days at the Peritoneal Dialysis Centre (PDC) at SGH for training. The training itself was easy. It was just the time spent there with my mom, my dad and Sarah that was very exhausting.

The initial plan was for Ipy and my mom to take several days leave from work to babysit Sarah while my dad and I attend the training. At the last minute, my mom announced that she had taken a week off from work so that she too could attend training! Since we couldn't get a babysitter so soon, I had to bring Sarah along although Ipy and I thought it was a bad idea.

On the second day, I suffered from a viral infection i.e. common cold. It may be common, but it's a terrible condition to have because I felt moody, sickly and inconvenient. Since I couldn't trust my mom at PDC, I still attended training. Dropped by the polyclinic at the SGH campus before training. I wouldn't have gone to a polyclinic if I could but this was an emergency!

Basically, I was stretched thin last week. My responsibilities didn't take any time off after the day ended. I still had to do housework. I still had tuition to conduct. I was still wife and mommy. So you could imagine my inflation when Friday ended.

Normalcy is slowly creeping back into my life. I welcome it! I like routine as much as I like a good chocolate cake. With routine, one doesn't need to think so much about what to do. It's all automatic.

Still feeling the exhaustion though. The hot and humid weather (and El Nino) didn't help reduce the exhaustion. For several weeks, I've showered 2-3 times in a day and changed the bed and pillow sheets every week because of sweaty nights.

So THANK GOD that at 5 o'clock this morning, I was pleasantly awoken by the sound of thunder and the pitter patter of rain drops. Hope this signals the end of the El Nino phenomenon. By the way, why is it called a phenomenon when it happens every 5-7 years???


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